The predicament we face is simply stated:

  • Hydrocarbon is inseparable from the way we currently live our lives, and without substitute at the rate we consume it,
  • The rate of discovery and exploitation of all remaining unfound and unproven hydrocarbon resources is not offsetting the peaking and decline of their known and proven reserves,
  • In our lifetimes we face unprecedented levels of physical, economic, political and social disruption and must change, by choice or compulsion, our entire living arrangement.

I write because writing forces the writer to think.

You do not learn the details of an argument until writing it in detail, and in writing the details you uncover the flaws in the fundamentals. Thinking requires detail: you can’t add 21 and 27 if you get all fuzzy about whether 2 plus 2 equals 4 or 5. You have to know for sure. Good thinking is accurate, symmetrical, relevant to the thoughts of the audience, concrete yet usefully abstract, concise yet usefully full; above all it is self-critical and honest. So too is good writing.

– “Economical Writing”, Deirdre McCloskey