richard lyon
  1. Oil as a consumer weapon? Hubris at the Financial Times.
  2. Neoclassical economics as a pseudo-science Astrology, Ptolomaic astronomy … and neoclassical economics.
  3. Yergin’s record on forecasting Not so good.
  4. Hubbert Curve Forecasting - is it “Good Enough” ? How a simple tool shows just how optimistic resource optimists are
  5. Screwtape advises his nephew on Climate Change denial Screwtape, finding a new agenda, writes to his nephew Wormwood.
  6. The militarisation of society Why we now think it’s OK to straddle naked in an airport.
  7. The size of the gap How much oil do we need to find, and how quickly?
  8. The infinite oil supply or why, to a neoclassical economist, cats are dogs.
  9. Why carbon capture won’t fly The enormous cost of shoving carbon into the ground.
  10. Why bother? Being negative is the most positive thing you can do.
  11. The significance of the Deepwater Horizon This is why it is called “unconventional oil”.
  12. Review: Tipping Point When small things have large consequences.
  13. The real lesson of Eyjafjallajokull What a volcano tells us about strawberries in January.
  14. The future of public debt: prospects and implications Why we will work until we die.
  15. The UK election A tough job for whoever gets it.
  16. The end of airlines Leaving on a jet plane.
  17. Hydrocarbon “lock-in” in universities Academic confusion.
  18. The undulating plateau A fantasy.
  19. Survival of the State Why has the UK government reversed its denial of Peak Oil?
  20. The Story of Cap + Trade Clever.
  21. Head in the sand The UK Government’s fatal obsession with markets.
  22. An old reserves trick BP’s CEO trying a trick that was debunked 140 years ago.
  23. What can I do ? Eight simple actions you could take now to reduce your energy use.
  24. Ten things you should know about the oil supply Many of these facts have been staring us in the face for some time.